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Create Maptag
Maptags shortens your address to your favorite word and makes sharing address as easy as sharing a word
  • Once you have a Maptag
  • your guests don't call you to reach you

HOW it Works

Any address can be tied to a word,lets say your address is tied to'myhome'. Your friends enter, corresponding address comes up as a pop-up on his phone. Your friend can reach to this place using directions on Pop-up. He can identify the place by pictures attached to the Maptag 'myhome'.

How to create a maptag

Pick a unique tag for your address and save.

Be your Guide

Tap on your location

Add your address

Thats it and its done !
Now use this Maptag instead of writing lengthy addresses.

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We can help

- Food -Delivery

Share your address in a single word and chillout

- Ecommerce Sites -

Instantly fill addresses with the help of maptags

- Emergency -

Save precious time otherwise spend explaing addresses

- Courier Delivery -

Never lose it because of wrong address

-Friends -

Guiding friends to your address is a breeze now