Google Loves Maptags , It’s official

Getting top results on Google search is considered the creme-de-la-creme of online marketing, as this gives you enormous visibility online. Companies spend thousands of dollars on optimizing their SEO to come in the first place. Ironically , Maptags links are getting  first page results for some keywords  (first observed by our super Maptagger, Carsten) without spending anything , which means huge reselling value for such Maptags, isin’t ?

Maptags is an address shortening revolution, where in your long, complicated address will be turned into short url or keyword, with precise latitude and longitude details attached to it, which can act as a your address forever!

So your big bad confusing address can be turned to something like: and ‘fw’ will be a unique tag like your email, nickname, brand or anything you like.

Lets start with DortmundAnwalt

Dortmund is a Germany city and Anwalt means lawyer, this Maptag is owned by Carsten himself.

In this case Maptags link beat about 130,00 searches which is pretty big feat

The next is FrankfurtAnwalt, Frankfurt is obviously a major city in Germany and Anwalt is lawyer

Getting first page results for this key word is definitely impressive


The next one is  brillionManager , which is pretty interesting


In this case  our link is above the  .com website itself.

Imagine yourself as the owner of this company , you spend a fortune getting the domain and building up the website only to see not getting top result.  Imagine this Maptag link being owned by your rival which means a huge reputation and traffic loss. Hence making possesing the Maptag link an essential thing for any website.

There are many other keywords for which we are seeing top search results BerlinFotograf GrazAnwaltBerlinElektriker etc

Maptags is  like Yelp or Bitly or  Google+  of the future, so getting first page google results will happen almost certainly which means Maptags are as valuable as domains

Right now we feel there is an immediate and significant opportunity  in picking Maptags for websites that have 500K+ alexa rank,  as Maptag links will show up on first page searches when owners search for their websites, when this happens, selling  them is a cake walk.

Now if you are worried about Trademarks you need to know that , trademarks are territorial.

P.S. Unlike domain extensions(gLTDs) that come  in 1000s per year, Maptags can have 1-2 rivals at the most which makes the Maptags very expensive very soon.

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