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In your typical networking event, a meeting successfully ends when you share contact by exchanging business cards. The humble business card still has its charm, there is something powerful about the little pieces of paper we carry and he way we hand them over. But there is one big problem with Business cards

they get piled easily, and hardly get used after wards.

Even though there are a ton of card scanning apps out there none have found a seamless way to connect the offline and online world.

Enter Maptags - The worlds simplest and fastest contact sharing platform

Maptags is an ‘Smart Address’ platform , where a single web link  will represent your address + location( lat , lon) +Facebook + twitter+linked pages + availability timings + event notifications and much more .. think of it as your business card on steroids.

How Maptags works ?

Any address can be tied to a tag, lets say the address and location of  your house is tied to the tag ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address and other details pops-up.

Now the real kick ass part is this -

Every Maptag comes with a unique QR code that can be readily placed on your Business card and can be scanned in a click ( or you can simply type the maptag ‘thefuture’ in the app )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Saving ones Maptag to your  address book happens  simply by liking it                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Not just that, once you have some one’s maptag, they can can use the same maptag for life no matter , how many locations they change - they can simply update the underlying address.

Here are few other benefits of a Maptag

  • you never have to write your address ( simply give your maptag )
  • your friends don’t have to call up 10 times to reach you
  • you  fill address sections of e-commerce websites instantly
  • you never make mistakes in writing wrong address because you never address to begin with  and  11 more reasons to get your Maptag

welcome to the Future of Addressing !!!

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Getting Married soon ? get a Maptag for your wedding venue first

Hosting  an wedding is not an easy job, every one is aware how demanding weddings are, the preparations take ages and pressure to achieve perfection is simply too much.

To add to this stress, right when the event takes place, you have guests calling you asking for your driving directions , thanks to confusing addresses.

we all have ended up in a wrong place at least once and its very frustrating for guests as well as hosts.

However all this is about to change once forever with Maptags, the #AddressRevolution

  • Share your address and location along with other details of your venue like pictures , description  in a simple web link
  • Let your guests reach the venue easily with the inbuilt google driving directions option
  • Specify the timings of event and let your guests be reminded easily
  • let your guests contact you instantly with a single click  using the ‘chat now’  button should need to know anything further
How it works ?

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say the address and location of  your wedding  venue is tied to the tag ‘tanuwedsmanu’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pops-up.

Further you can add pictures and description etc, that can help your guests.  Post pictures pictures of nearby landmarks that can help  in the last 10 meters of the journey. You can also add pictures of the wedding venue etc , any thing you  think is relevant

 All this means your guest don’t call you 100 times to reach you

That’s not all with Maptags ,  you can customize  a maptag to your choice enabling you to


by saying something like

  here’s our smart address

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Google Loves Maptags , It’s official

Getting top results on Google search is considered the creme-de-la-creme of online marketing, as this gives you enormous visibility online. Companies spend thousands of dollars on optimizing their SEO to come in the first place. Ironically , Maptags links are getting  first page results for some keywords  (first observed by our super Maptagger, Carsten) without spending anything , which means huge reselling value for such Maptags, isin’t ?

Maptags is an address shortening revolution, where in your long, complicated address will be turned into short url or keyword, with precise latitude and longitude details attached to it, which can act as a your address forever!

So your big bad confusing address can be turned to something like: and ‘fw’ will be a unique tag like your email, nickname, brand or anything you like.

Lets start with DortmundAnwalt

Dortmund is a Germany city and Anwalt means lawyer, this Maptag is owned by Carsten himself.

In this case Maptags link beat about 130,00 searches which is pretty big feat

The next is FrankfurtAnwalt, Frankfurt is obviously a major city in Germany and Anwalt is lawyer

Getting first page results for this key word is definitely impressive


The next one is  brillionManager , which is pretty interesting


In this case  our link is above the  .com website itself.

Imagine yourself as the owner of this company , you spend a fortune getting the domain and building up the website only to see not getting top result.  Imagine this Maptag link being owned by your rival which means a huge reputation and traffic loss. Hence making possesing the Maptag link an essential thing for any website.

There are many other keywords for which we are seeing top search results BerlinFotograf GrazAnwaltBerlinElektriker etc

Maptags is  like Yelp or Bitly or  Google+  of the future, so getting first page google results will happen almost certainly which means Maptags are as valuable as domains

Right now we feel there is an immediate and significant opportunity  in picking Maptags for websites that have 500K+ alexa rank,  as Maptag links will show up on first page searches when owners search for their websites, when this happens, selling  them is a cake walk.

Now if you are worried about Trademarks you need to know that , trademarks are territorial.

P.S. Unlike domain extensions(gLTDs) that come  in 1000s per year, Maptags can have 1-2 rivals at the most which makes the Maptags very expensive very soon.

Get the top 1 million website list  if you are interested

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9 ways Maptags can help your business

Maptags is an address shortening revolution, where your long, complicated address will be turned into a short url or keyword, with precise latitude and longitude details attached to it, which can act as a your address forever!

So your big bad confusing address can be turned to something like: and ‘fw’ will be a unique tag like your email, nickname, brand or anything you like.


This simple idea has a ton of advantages even for regular users, now lets talks business:

1.  Make it really easy for your customers to reach you

This is easily the biggest reason for you to get onto the Maptags bandwagon and get a Maptag for your store, company or office.

Every time a new customer wants to find you, it might be big trouble if you are hard to find.  Whether you are a restaurant in downtown or a butcher in the back street, customers typically spend 10 to 30 minutes finding a new business place and sometimes end up ditching the journey all together.

With Maptags, guiding your customers to your place becomes a breeze, a simple URL will locate your store on the map precisely with simple driving directions. Once they are close enough, when the driving directions are not helpful, the pictures on your Maptag gallery will photos of your street, neighborhood and all this can help them zero-in.

It’s almost like you are holding your customer’s hand and bringing them to your store.

2. Local businesses, let’s fight back


Local businesses have been losing out to the online giants over the last decade. This is primarily because of increasing number of people shopping online and the way e-commerce sites are able to collect tons of information about consumer behaviour and use it effectively .

Now with the help of Maptags, you can fight back with the big e-commerce brands. Every time a customer checks out your Maptag, variety of data is collected that can be help your business in many ways.

3. Understand your customer journey  

When customers search on Google maps about your business, that information never gets passed down to you, which means there is no way for you to effectively interact with your potential customers.

With Maptags however, once a customer visits your Maptag, our advanced analytics can help you learn a lot more, starting with simple things like how many have seen your address, how many dropped off and how many actually visited you.

All this information can be help you understand how long it takes your customers to reach you. This can help you improve their experience and so much more.

4. How about a ‘pair of extra warm socks with those shoes’ ?

As a business you know that marketing is everything . While your customers are trying to reach you when they check out your Maptag, let them know what offers you got for them, let them not miss your ‘Deal of the Day. Add discount deals right on to your Maptag. Whenever you have a new campaign, edit your Maptag with the latest offer. Incentives are a huge pull for customers. Need ideas? How about: “Mention that you found us on Maptags and get XX% discount!”

5. Stop Advertising for leaders of the past

When you say your business is in ‘Gandhi Road’ you are not doing any marketing for your business , are you ? with Maptags you will advertise your coffee store in the beautiful Liguria, Spain as  ‘‘ not in the name of yesterday’s heroes

6. Changing your address? No problem!

As a dynamic business, you sometimes have to keep moving to new places and this creates a havoc to your customers. Most customers who find your ‘We have Moved’ plate never actually visit your new place since they already traveled far or just do not have the time. Save time for your customers by directing them to your new location!

7. Get one step ahead of your competition

With our Advanced Analytics offering (one of the founders was a Data Scientist at Microsoft), you can get an understanding of how you are performing vs. your competitors (with privacy settings in place), which can be a serious competitive advantage.

8. Location, Location, Location

Maptags provide your business with advanced SEO capabilities for all the information that you provide on your Maptag. Things like your Maptag title, category, description, images and address are made SEO friendly so that you get good search results which can increase traffic to your store and/or website.

 9. Get that perfect Maptag before somebody else does

In this world of ever increasing competition, every move counts and first impressions can make a huge impact.

Having a short, stylish and SEO optimized Maptag can give you significant competitive advantage.

With 1000s of Maptags going away everyday, it will be increasingly difficult for you to get that perfect Maptag.

Get your Maptags today and avoid lengthy financial and legal negotiations forever. Remember when you couldn’t get your .com domain or had to pay a high price to secure your .com brand?

we are giving away 10 Maptags for free today 

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11 Reasons To Get Your Maptags

Maptags is an address shortening revolution, where in your long, complicated address will be turned into short url or keyword, with precise latitude and longitude details attached to it, which can act as a your address forever!

So your big bad confusing address can be turned to something like: and ‘fw’ will be a unique tag like your email, nickname, brand or anything you like.

This simple idea has a ton of advantages. Read on to learn more:

1. You never have to write your address once you have a Maptag


Remember all those times you spent writing addresses over and over  again. Every time you want to ship something, every time you sign on e-commerce site, every time there some interaction with the government on a physical form, the boring addresses needs to written  over and over isn’t ?  With Maptags all this address writing would become history

2. You never make mistakes in writing your address

Whenever your write an address there is a slight chance of writing incorrectly or a wrong zip code/post code. The courier services have a huge problem chasing down those bad addresses. The only way to avoid writing incorrect address is  simply by NEVER WRITING them. Just MAPTAG it.

3. Increase speed of delivery

When your address is clear to the e-commerce guys or delivery drivers with precise GPS co-ordinates, delivery speeds can increase dramatically. It’s so simple. It’s not rocket science or even car science!

4. Avoid repeated calls to guide your friends / guests to your address

Every time you hosted an event, remember the numerous calls people made to reach your place? They always take the wrong turn, don’t they ? Maptags can give them precise directions right till your door step. Include photos of where to park, which elevator to take or simply which door to knock on.

5. Address redirection

Every time you move house, you get a new address, but your mail ends up still being delivered to the old address, doesn’t it? When you are moving, you don’t have time to visit the post office to update your address and fill up more forms. With Maptags, you simply update your address attached to your Maptag thus ensuring your mail reaches the right address everytime.

6. Emergency services will quicken

Imagine there’s a fire in your neighborhood , you call up the Fire Department. The first thing they want is the correct address which somehow most people can’t get quite right. This can be a nightmare, where every second feels like a century. Save lives, get your Maptags today.

7. Address yourself in style

If you are a high flying executive who want to throw a power statement when you share your business card, a cool single letter Maptag would be just perfect. Or a Maptag with your brand will make a positive impact. Alternatively, you can impress your date when you tell her ‘myplace’ is your Maptag.

8. Businesses can share their location, hassle free

Remember all the times you called up your favorite restaurant before you arrived, trying to remember which street it’s on? Maptags will make that history, not just for ‘Shangri-la’ in Singapore, but for even for ‘shantytown’ in your neighbourhood. Here are 9 ways Maptags can help your business

9.  Know your customers better

If you run a business, you know that understanding what your customers are doing is the crème-de-la-crème of marketing. Maptags can let you know who searched for your address, when they did and so much more. All this can help take your marketing strategies to a whole new level.


10.  Address your property as you wish

Isn’t a pity that you spend a fortune building your house and furnishing it , but can hardly do anything about its actual address. With Maptags you can pick your favorite word as your address and have the freedom to skip the mundane numbers and street names. 1234 Main St, Anytown, USA is so yesterday. Start an #addressrevolution.

11. what can be Good , can be sold

Cool Maptags will have value either for a business or an individual who wants to differentiate from the rest, so if you pick some cool Maptags, you can sell them later to them. Right now most Maptags almost cost nothing , but this is set to change as 1000s of Maptags are going away everyday.

Join 100’s who are making money by picking cool Maptags, Here’s the guide to Picking Cool Maptags and profiting from them.

12. we are giving away 10 Maptags for free today  









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