Maptags and Trademarks

Trademarks are always tricky for domain investors , while you are very happy picking up some popular names , if they infringe on Trademark , its a nightmare , because you usually end up losing the domain if there is an trademark infringement .

There is good news however which many folks don’t know , Trademarks are by definition territorial, i.e a Trademark registered in U.S is not legally enforceable in U.K unless its registered in UK as well and vice versa.


So say you are in the beautiful island of Seychelles, you can posses a name say ‘Walmart’ for your grocery store as the Big ‘Walmart’ is probably not registered there.

Now coming to Maptags, we are currently located in India and will probably move to Singapore for better Fund raising and overall ease of doing business( Ranked world’s #1 in ease of doing business). So the trademarks registered in U.S, U.K or Europe don’t apply as a default.

Also just to remind you Maptags are not domain names , there are in some sense Handles/tags of the site , hence the laws of ICANN don’t apply to us

Now lean more about Investing in Maptags as there are becoming the addressing standard of tomorrow , one Tag at a time.

As a shrewd investor in Maptags, you should get an idea what your next strategy should be.

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