5  ways to explain Maptags  to anyone

Maptags is quite a revolutionary idea for sharing your address with others , in a world where addresses sharing so difficult . Maptags basically sorthens your address to your favourite word and make sharing your address  as easy as sharing this word.


  1. Say some address 26A , Bulstrode Road, London , TW33AP ( it’s my address actually ), this  can be represented by http://mapta.gs/myoffice and going forward your friends can simply click this to find out you’re your address is and where it is , which saves up lot of time calling you up etc.
  2. If you used bit.ly , they basically shortens your URLs , so a long Facebook url like (https://www.facebook.com/groups/688055371299860/permalink/699429480162449/  can be   http://bit.ly/maptagssold  .  Just like this Maptags shortens your address to a single tag /url
  3. Imagine some one wants to verify your bank account  , address and balance. You give them your Bank Account and they can verify the details , here your Bank account acted as a key , just like that Maptag acts a key to your address , with this key , you can share your address
  4. We all use email addresses  which uniquely identify your inbox , and when u sign up up , your email address is used to pull all data  i.e  your emails , calendar , to-do list every thing , again the key is Email which pulls up all the data
  5. If you come from tech background , you know all domain names use a IP Address/ DNS numbers, so what  a domain is to DNS number , Maptag is to your address










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