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welcome to the Address revolution

Addresses are boring , addresses are long  , addresses are confusing and entering them usually leads to bad user experience.

No wonder the customer Check-out drop rate is as high as 90%

Maptags is ushering a new era of addressing where the need for writing long addresses simply disappears , just like how domain names replaced the ip-addresses , Maptags will replace will the long boring address with a short, stylish tag.

Any address can be tied to a word ,lets say the address and location of  your house/ office is tied to ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pop-ups with precise driving directions, further on  a maptag pictures can be attached that can help you in the last 10 meters of your journey , like the pictures of landmarks , pictures than can indicate where to turn right or left, even pictures of the final destination like an interview room etc


When the url is opened , the full address along with pictures shows up that can help people reach the location in a super accurate way


The simple idea gives enormous convenience to covert the long boring address into a short tag that carries address , exact co-ordinates  and picture information.

How it works ?

Now the amazing thing is ,Your customers can fill their full address by simply entering their Maptag , once you connect to our API

we also provide the exact lat and lon co-ordinates and photos associated that can help you in delivery.

You can run a small demo by opening this link  Maptags DEMO and entering thefuture in the box (and hit enter).

Maptags API is an extremely  simple to implement that returns data in  JSON format (  Please refer the Full API Documentation here )

For start-ups, we are giving our API for free for 1 full year if you start right away

Welcome to the address revolution, Feel free to contact us on

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