Hosting an Event, get a Maptag first

Hosting  an Event is not an easy job, every one is aware how demanding Event management is, the preparations take ages and pressure to achieve perfection is simply too much.

To add to this stress, right when the event takes place, you have guests calling you asking for your driving directions , thanks to confusing addresses.

we all have ended up in a wrong place at least once and its very frustrating for guests as well as hosts.

However all this is about to change once forever with Maptags, the #AddressRevolution

  • Share your address and location along with other details of your venue like pictures , description  in a simple web link
  • Let your guests reach the venue easily with the inbuilt google driving directions option
  • Specify the timings of event and let your guests be reminded through inbuilt google notifications
  • let your guests contact you instantly with a single click  using the ‘chat now’  button should need to know further details
How it works ?

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say the address and location of  your venue is tied to the tag ‘partyhouse’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pops-up.


Further you can add pictures and description etc, that can help your guests.  Post pictures pictures of nearby landmarks that can help  in the last 10 meters of the journey. You can also add pictures of the venue etc , any thing you  think is relevant

 All this means your guest don’t call you 100 times to reach you

That’s not all with Maptags ,  you can customize  a maptag to your choice enabling you to


by saying something like

  here’s our smart address

we are giving away 10 Maptags for free, get your stylish Maptag today




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