Imagine never writing your address again

Imagine Never writing your address again ,Never losing your way , Never losing your mail

welcome to the address revolution.

A Maptag allows you to create a unique URL with a particular word or phrase. The founder of Maptags, Krishna Yogi, describes them as “a simple idea of shortening your address to your favorite word. It makes sharing addresses as easy as sharing a word. Every day you spend hours searching and writing for addresses, Maptags will make it happen in minutes.” Once the tag has been generated, you can integrate in into your social media campaigns, email newsletters or any of proactive marketing opportunity you can think of.

What Are Some Uses for Maptags?

The marketing potential for Maptags is unlimited. If you are a business owner with a physical address and you want to make sure your clients know exactly how to get to your location, it’s an easy way for people to keep your address and directions handy. If you are looking to promote a specific event like a concert, flash mob marketing, or an upcoming client event at an offsite location it is a fast an efficient way to spread the word. The ability to attach files inside the Maptag just enhances the users interaction.

If you are a wedding planner working on a large wedding you could create Maptags for the various locations of you client’s wedding events like,,, and Guests will never get lost, and you can include information about the event inside the Maptag. The great thing is these Maptags could be used over again by the wedding planner if they control those tags.

Tim’s Taco Truck – A Case Study

Tim runs a successful taco truck in the Bay Area. Uses for MaptagsHe is always looking to find ways to interact with his customers. Since he is mobile, and his location can change from day to day, it is important people can find him easily. He is already pretty social media savvy utilizing Facebook, Twitter, his website and apps that track his location. Reading about Maptags, Tim went to the website and signed up and claimed the Maptag “food truck.”

Along with his regular social media activities, Tim updates his Maptag on a daily basis. This allows any customers who already have his Maptag just to check the URL and see where they can buy their delicious tacos. Tim also attaches his ever-changing menu, so people know what tacos are for sale today. Also, Tim regularly tweets and posts his Maptag so new customers can save it. He is even thinking about putting the tag on his taco wrappers, so people get more exposure to it.

To Infinity and Beyond

So hopefully these two quick examples of using Maptags get your creative marketing juices flowing, and you develop your unique tags and uses. There is a groundswell of activity with Facebook groups starting up to buy, sell or trade Maptags the over 25,000 Tags already claimed. There is even a Fiverr gig offering to set up your Maptag. Image, there are only 25,000 Maptags claimed, just think if the possibilities for marketing and personal use?

So what are you waiting for, go sign up and join the #addressrevolution!

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