Going for an interview? Get a Maptag first

Attending interviews is obviously a stressful thing. To add to this,  I never found my way to the interview correctly the very first time and this  is very frustrating. I often end up swapping email and google maps or calling up my recruiter for further directions.

I wondered why  an address and location can’t be  shared as simply as a web link

This is  where the idea of a better addressing service came up and Maptags was built.

Maptags can easily save 15-30 mins for candidates attending interviews and gives them peace of mind

  • Maptags provides the convenience of an entire address being shortened to an url which can be simply sent in an email or sms , which users can open in 1-click to find out the exact address
  • Additional pictures of nearest landmarks, including the actual room of interview can be set-up right on the Maptag to help out.
  • You can also set-up the actual timings of the interview right on the Maptag (by choosing it as an event) and let Google notifications reach candidate in advance.
  • Utilize the 1-click instant messenger to communicate with your candidate instead of calling up or emailing.
How it works ?

Maptags is an address shortening revolution where your long, complicated address can be shortened to a single word and can be shared  as  easily as a url.

Any address can be tied to a Maptag. Let’s say the address and location of the interview is tied to ‘thefuture’. when some one opens the mapta.gs/thefuture, the corresponding address pop-ups with precise driving directions.

Further on, a photo gallery can be attached that can help you in the last 10 meters of your journey, like the pictures of landmarks, pictures than can indicate where to turn right or left, even pictures of the final destination like an interview room.

The simple idea gives enormous convenience to the candidates who are already stressed at the feat of getting their knowledge tested.

Recruiters, make you sure you get a Maptag for that interview location, it just makes sense.

Learn how Maptags can help yourself in other ways, 11 ways Maptags can help you.

(We are giving 100  Maptags for free for the first 50 Recruitment companies that want to  work with us ,5 companies have joined already )

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  1. That’s a great one. I faced the hassle of getting to a place for meetings and having missed the meeting time. Such embarrassing situation to be in. Maptags is a great idea.

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