Smart Addresses are coming , are you ready?

Smart addresses tie a unique-tag to an address and remove the hassle of writing a long and boring address.  Just as Smart Phones freed us from typing phone numbers by tagging names to their phone numbers.

Using a Smart Address  a single unique web link will represent your address + location + availability timings  and much more.

Once you have a smart address,

  • you never have to write your address
  • you never lose your way
  • your friends don’t have to call up 10 times to reach you
  • you  fill address sections of e-commerce websites instantly
  • you never make mistakes in writing wrong address because you never address to begin with  and much more ( over  11 reasons to get your Maptag )
How Smart Addresses work ?

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say the address and location of  your house is tied to the tag ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pops-up.

Further you can add pictures and description etc, that can help your guests.  Post pictures pictures of nearby landmarks that can help  in the last 10 meters of the journey. You can also add pictures of the house , any thing you  think is relevant

Once some one is interested they can instantly connect with you using chat now button and start a conversation.


we are conducting SMART ADDRESS DRIVE in major metros on India  where in we are providing smart addresses cards and notice boards to all the residents of Apartments, Societies with more than 100 residents , we are also offering very attractive cash rewards to those want to help us in this,  want to know more ,  contact us at or whatsapp at +91-9453363771

we are giving upto 10 FREE maptags as an introductory offer









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