Stop losing potential customers, get a Maptag

Finding it difficult to acquire new customers ,  There is  reason why customers hesitate to contact businesses these days.

90% of women and 60% of Men don’t want to want to reveal their Phone numbers, emails or Facebook details until they are completely sure of  doing business with you.

With so much of private information on Facebook and constant spam emails, sms hitting customers every day, customers are increasingly hesitant to contact even genuine businesses.

This means most of your leads are simply not converting now matter how many Facebook ads or google ads they are looking at.

Don’t worry, we got you covered

At Maptags , we have launched a 1-click instant messenger, which your  customers can use to chat with you, without revealing any personal information to you.

The same Maptag also doubles up as address sharing tool.

A simple web link acts as both address sharing and communication tool for your customers.


A simple web link , that acts as a 360′ communication tool covering both your address and instant messaging


Customers can quickly check your address details , availability details etc


Using the chat now option, they can quickly start chatting with you without revealing their Private information

with the power of maptags , your customers can contact you  y simply opening your maptag link, they don’t need to registered with Maptags or need to be logged in.

Imagine all those business cards used by your Sales and marketing folks in various Trade shows, events which usually go waste , with Maptags they can spring back to life.

Do you know Maptags can help your business in 9 different ways 

we are giving 10 Mapatags completely free to use for 1 month and a minimal charge of 100 rs thereafter.




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