Smart Address - The next big oppurtunity

‘Smart address’ ties a unique-tag to an address and remove the hassle of writing a long and boring address.  Just as Smart Phones freed us from typing phone numbers by tagging names to their phone numbers.

Maptags is an ‘Smart Address’ platform , where a single unique URL will represent your address + location + availability timings + event notifications and much more .. think of it as your business card on steroids.

How Maptags works ?

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say the address and location of  your house is tied to the tag ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pops-up.

This seemingly small convenience of using Smart Address opens up so many wonderful opportunities

All this means only thing , in future people will forget their address and just remember Maptags

Maptags the unique opportunity

Maptags, by design are unique, so tags once picked cant be taken again just like a domain name and because of which the cool tags have more value than others and can be sold and bought just like domain names. This is the real opportunity now.

By picking cool names that people will love , you open yourself to a big opportunity

Right now the a typical Maptag costs $1 per tag (almost 1/10th of a typical domain name), but because of the heavy demand this will not last long. 50,000 Maptags are already taken by 100s of  investors like you,  and 100s have already changed hands.

There are 10s of blogs already talking about Maptags , Dedicated websites to sell Maptags have come up and

Facebook Groups with 2000+ Members brimming with activity   have been created by fans.

1000s of people have realized this unique opportunity ,it’s time for you to join #addressrevolution

we are giving 10 Maptags for free as an Introductory offer

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what you need to know about Maptags ?

Every one who picks a cool tag has only one thing on mind,

will maptags succeed , can i sell this cool tag for good money ?

This is the literally the million dollar question.

Now lets dig deeper on this  !
Maptags is unlike any concept you ever heard, that will change the way , the world’s addresses are made. Maptags will make the world’s addressing suitable for the current smartphone generation. Most marketers agree to this which is also shared across 1000s of users from US, UK , Germany, Switzerland, India ,Australia, Latin America etc which is echoed in 100s of tweets , blogs and websites that have come up in support of Maptags
This gives us a distinct first mover advantage.
Maptags is probably the only company in this space which has crossed $2000 in just 1 month of launching payments , which also means people are ready to bet on it. Every dollar invested in Maptags means a BIG Yes to the platfrom

Now the point is , if we continue this momentum going forward our user base and Maptagger base will grow exponentially.
 As we grow at this pace , there are few things happening,
  • First more and more cool Maptags are going away 🙂
  • The more important thing is its getting harder and harder for any future companies to compete with this, this becomes our distinct advantage.
  • Not just that  , unlike a domain name , there will not be many companies competing , as people often stick with one thing and one thing only. Think of Facebook vs Google+
  • As the platform grows bigger , the users who invested with Maptags are going to be the Marketing officers in their own way and will not want to lose their investments in any way, this too becomes a huge advantage and becomes a growth cycle 
Maptags is very much like Bitcoin or early days of domain investing , where the prices often went 100x in the first 2-3 years
Even in the worst case where Maptags ends up a second or third company in this race ,your tags could still be worth $10000s , isin’t ?
The Main point is this , Imagine a high flying Executive or a crazy rich Arab pulling out his visiting card and showing off a single letter /double letter cool Maptag  , what will it’s value be ?

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Maptags picking tips

Maptags is exploding in Growth , 35000 Maptags are taken , 1000s of people keen on picking cool maptags and spreading the word about Maptags, which shows the power of #addressrevolution.

Maptags would typical be typed more than a usual domain name , hence short maptags have much more value than large ones generally.

Right now 2 letter tags are all gone but number letter combos like 5f 6y etc are still available Many 3 letters combos are also still available

Chinese love the LLLL names , 1000s are still left and we see lot of interest from our Chinese friends already

We noticed lot of people picking up local tags like NYbarber, Lodonbarber etc which is a fantastic idea , however this can be extended to Top 25-50 Cities and to even countries possibly like UKbarber indiancurry chinesechops etc.

Many popular names like John etc are taken , however tags like Johns etc are even more valuable representing a persons home, so Johns, Adams, Zhangs, Rams should be a killer combo.

Now you can add kitchen, salon,shag,home in the end to make it complete ex: johnskitchen, Adamssalon , ramshome etc.

year names are birthdays are usual favorites so 1976 or 0284 etc should be great picks too.

Do you know the costliest license ever sold goes to an UAE resident Abdul Ghafour Khouri

However most people have completely ignored Arab Names , heres some help

Sell better

Don’t forget to Make your tags Public if you make them visible on the front page search.

Get your tags listed on Doug Harper’s  site which can help make you understand how exactly Maptags can help you in various Marketing strategies.

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Imagine never writing your address again

Imagine Never writing your address again ,Never losing your way , Never losing your mail

welcome to the address revolution.

A Maptag allows you to create a unique URL with a particular word or phrase. The founder of Maptags, Krishna Yogi, describes them as “a simple idea of shortening your address to your favorite word. It makes sharing addresses as easy as sharing a word. Every day you spend hours searching and writing for addresses, Maptags will make it happen in minutes.” Once the tag has been generated, you can integrate in into your social media campaigns, email newsletters or any of proactive marketing opportunity you can think of.

What Are Some Uses for Maptags?

The marketing potential for Maptags is unlimited. If you are a business owner with a physical address and you want to make sure your clients know exactly how to get to your location, it’s an easy way for people to keep your address and directions handy. If you are looking to promote a specific event like a concert, flash mob marketing, or an upcoming client event at an offsite location it is a fast an efficient way to spread the word. The ability to attach files inside the Maptag just enhances the users interaction.

If you are a wedding planner working on a large wedding you could create Maptags for the various locations of you client’s wedding events like,,, and Guests will never get lost, and you can include information about the event inside the Maptag. The great thing is these Maptags could be used over again by the wedding planner if they control those tags.

Tim’s Taco Truck – A Case Study

Tim runs a successful taco truck in the Bay Area. Uses for MaptagsHe is always looking to find ways to interact with his customers. Since he is mobile, and his location can change from day to day, it is important people can find him easily. He is already pretty social media savvy utilizing Facebook, Twitter, his website and apps that track his location. Reading about Maptags, Tim went to the website and signed up and claimed the Maptag “food truck.”

Along with his regular social media activities, Tim updates his Maptag on a daily basis. This allows any customers who already have his Maptag just to check the URL and see where they can buy their delicious tacos. Tim also attaches his ever-changing menu, so people know what tacos are for sale today. Also, Tim regularly tweets and posts his Maptag so new customers can save it. He is even thinking about putting the tag on his taco wrappers, so people get more exposure to it.

To Infinity and Beyond

So hopefully these two quick examples of using Maptags get your creative marketing juices flowing, and you develop your unique tags and uses. There is a groundswell of activity with Facebook groups starting up to buy, sell or trade Maptags the over 25,000 Tags already claimed. There is even a Fiverr gig offering to set up your Maptag. Image, there are only 25,000 Maptags claimed, just think if the possibilities for marketing and personal use?

So what are you waiting for, go sign up and join the #addressrevolution!

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