Maptags and instant messaging , a powerful combination

Maptags started its journey with address revolution where we shortened your long, complex address to a simple tag. Now enabled instant messaging right on your Maptag. This enable your clients / friends to chat with your right away.

People can open your maptag and click chat now and start chatting with you

when people open your maptag , they can start chatting with your right way, we send text and email notifications incase you are not on the website , so dont worry.

Now the thing that maptags IM so powerful is the fact that it doesnt some one to give away their private information  like Phone number of email address. This is truly revolutionary and will help businesses immensely.


Think of all those times when your customers hesistate to call you or ping you on whatsapp ( email is too boring ) for fear of getting called again and again , now they can ping you on Maptags without that hesisation.

All those business card which are rarely used can now spring back to life and Maptags breathes life into them.


learn how maptags can help your business in 9 ways ,



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