Smart Address and Real estate, A match made in heaven

Are you looking for a way to differentiate your property on the super crowded real estate marketplace? with so many options for marketing your property, you can be easily overwhelmed.

with 10s of sites and 100s of facebook groups , gone are days where you can post on a single site or a group and expect great results. But posting on 10s of sites and various facebook groups can easily be a night mare.

This is exactly where Smart Address can help you

‘Smart addresses’ tie a unique-tag to an address and remove the hassle of writing a long and boring address.  Just as Smart Phones removed the hassle of the typing of phone numbers by tagging a person name to their phone number.

 Maptags is a Smart address  platform  that can save your day.

The simple idea gives enormous convenience for marketing your property

  • Share full details of your house like pictures , description , address and location  in a simple web link
  • Let your clients  visit the property easily with the inbuilt google driving directions option
  • Post on as many Facebook groups and websites with a single web link
  • Track the no of people watching your property in real-time with inbuilt analytics
  • Best of all , let your interested clients contact you instantly with a single click  using the ‘chat now’  button
How it works ?

Any address can be tied to a word, lets say the address and location of  your house is tied to the tag ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address pops-up.

Further you can add pictures and description etc, that can help your guests.  Post pictures pictures of nearby landmarks that can help  in the last 10 meters of the journey. You can also add pictures of the house , any thing you  think is relevant

Once some one is interested they can instantly connect with you using chat now button and start a conversation.



Get your Maptag today and put your real estate marketing on steroids !!

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Maptags selling Guide


Maptags is seeing phenomenal growth , 100s of tags are going away every day. Great sale by Carsten for $90 ,

lot of action on the FB page  -Maptags , buy sell and most importantly many wonderful  sale posts by different Maptaggers.

However , we don’t see a lot of sales stories , because every body wants to sell cool Maptags , but nobody wants to buy which is quite expectable.

Now, the issue here is , Maptags is a brand new concept unlike domain Names which everybody understands.

Maptags connects the Digital world and the physical world which makes us quite different from normal digital products like Facebook , whatsapp etc , which means Maptaggers need to think about the physical world aspect as well. Coupled with this  ,  Maptags is now at the very beginning of its journey.

The strategy for selling Maptags should definitely involve physical interactions with local business by explain them the 9 ways Maptags can help them.

So imagine there is a barber in your city , you can explain him about Maptags and try and sell

Initially , people might resist , but if they do , you can lend your Maptag to them for a while  and  sell it later once they like it.

Incase you don’t own the Right Maptag, you can buy/lend it from the owner and try it out..

Simply picking cool Maptags and waiting for them to sold by simply posting them will not work great until next 2-3 years.

Similarly , say you have a businessman friend ‘Adam’ , he could be a potential buyer for for $100-200 etc, where again you can try your luck.

Picking cool Maptags is only half the story , the rest is selling and you need to be a good sales person to sell any thing.

Some times though having an extra ordinary Maptags helps  like  ‘’   which got an $200 offer without any trying.  So you might want to do some Maptags shopping as well , before you go on finding the right buyers for them.


Let us know what you think in the comments and we can update the blog if we find them valuable.

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