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Maptags picking vs domain picking

I guess the time for some quick Maptags Tips has finally come , given the fact that Maptags is exploding in growth , both in terms of users and Maptags taken , this should help some one who has domain picking experience.

Maptags would typical be typed more than a usual domain name , hence short maptags have much more value than large ones generally.

Right now 2 letter tags are all gone but number letter combos like 5f 6y etc are still available Many 3 letters combos are also still available

Chinese love the LLLL names , 1000s are still left and we see lot of interest from our Chinese friends already

We noticed lot of people picking up local tags like NYbarber, Lodonbarber etc which is a fantastic idea , however this can be extended to Top 25-50 Cities and to even countries possibly like UKbarber indiancurry chinesechops etc.

Many popular names like John etc are taken , however tags like Johns etc are even more valuable representing a persons home, so Johns, Adams, Zhangs, Rams should be a killer combo.

Now you can add kitchen, salon,shag,home in the end to make it complete ex: johnskitchen, Adamssalon , ramshome etc.

year names are birthdays are usual favorites so 1976 or 0284 etc should be great picks too.

Do you know the costliest license ever sold goes to an UAE resident Abdul Ghafour Khouri

However most people have completely ignored Arab Names , heres some help

Sell better

Don’t forget to Make your tags Public, only then people can see them on the buy/sell page

Get your tags listed on Doug Harper’s site, He’s Created a beautiful site Maptagger.net to help make you understand how exactly Maptags can help you in various Marketing strategies.

Feel free to add some of your tips in the comments below

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