what you need to know about Maptags ?

Every one who picks a cool tag has only one thing on mind,

will maptags succeed , can i sell this cool tag for good money ?

This is the literally the million dollar question.

Now lets dig deeper on this  !
Maptags is unlike any concept you ever heard, that will change the way , the world’s addresses are made. Maptags will make the world’s addressing suitable for the current smartphone generation. Most marketers agree to this which is also shared across 1000s of users from US, UK , Germany, Switzerland, India ,Australia, Latin America etc which is echoed in 100s of tweets , blogs and websites that have come up in support of Maptags
This gives us a distinct first mover advantage.
Maptags is probably the only company in this space which has crossed $2000 in just 1 month of launching payments , which also means people are ready to bet on it. Every dollar invested in Maptags means a BIG Yes to the platfrom

Now the point is , if we continue this momentum going forward our user base and Maptagger base will grow exponentially.
 As we grow at this pace , there are few things happening,
  • First more and more cool Maptags are going away 🙂
  • The more important thing is its getting harder and harder for any future companies to compete with this, this becomes our distinct advantage.
  • Not just that  , unlike a domain name , there will not be many companies competing , as people often stick with one thing and one thing only. Think of Facebook vs Google+
  • As the platform grows bigger , the users who invested with Maptags are going to be the Marketing officers in their own way and will not want to lose their investments in any way, this too becomes a huge advantage and becomes a growth cycle 
Maptags is very much like Bitcoin or early days of domain investing , where the prices often went 100x in the first 2-3 years
Even in the worst case where Maptags ends up a second or third company in this race ,your tags could still be worth $10000s , isin’t ?
The Main point is this , Imagine a high flying Executive or a crazy rich Arab pulling out his visiting card and showing off a single letter /double letter cool Maptag  , what will it’s value be ?

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1 thought on “what you need to know about Maptags ?”

  1. Maptags are only going to increase in value and growth at a rapid rate once, businesses begin to realize the potential that this tool has to get more users through their doors without them having to spend tons in advertising. The question these businesses are going to ask themselves is, should i continue to spend thousands in advertsing or spend the same couple thousands to make a one time purchase for a keyword specifc maptag and get a constant flow of customers for life? Thats the scenario i think most business will be faced with going forward.Maptags is a powerful marketing tool,beyond just being able to link a word to an address,the upload feature gives business a tremendous leg up to showcase promotions or deals to their existing customer base and capture new ones. That feature alone offers tremendous value for a business to increase revenues. With that being said i think investors should put themeselves in a postion to purchase maptags that make sense, ones that will have the ability to significantly maximize their ROI.Shorter maptags are going to have the most value, everything is geared towards mobile nowadays and,Short words,phrases will be easier to type in the maptags search box, especially among millenial mobile users. I think businesses will also see the value in this aspect. There is no doubt that some tags will sell for millions like domain names, corporations in my opinion will pony up the cash just to stifle their competition,it just has to be the right name and the righy buyer. Maptags will succed and in a short time time too

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