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In your typical networking event, a meeting successfully ends when you share contact by exchanging business cards. The humble business card still has its charm, there is something powerful about the little pieces of paper we carry and he way we hand them over. But there is one big problem with Business cards

they get piled easily, and hardly get used after wards.

Even though there are a ton of card scanning apps out there none have found a seamless way to connect the offline and online world.

Enter Maptags - The worlds simplest and fastest contact sharing platform

Maptags is an ‘Smart Address’ platform , where a single web link  will represent your address + location( lat , lon) +Facebook + twitter+linked pages + availability timings + event notifications and much more .. think of it as your business card on steroids.

How Maptags works ?

Any address can be tied to a tag, lets say the address and location of  your house is tied to the tag ‘thefuture’, when some one opens the , the corresponding address and other details pops-up.

Now the real kick ass part is this -

Every Maptag comes with a unique QR code that can be readily placed on your Business card and can be scanned in a click ( or you can simply type the maptag ‘thefuture’ in the app )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Saving ones Maptag to your  address book happens  simply by liking it                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Not just that, once you have some one’s maptag, they can can use the same maptag for life no matter , how many locations they change - they can simply update the underlying address.

Here are few other benefits of a Maptag

  • you never have to write your address ( simply give your maptag )
  • your friends don’t have to call up 10 times to reach you
  • you  fill address sections of e-commerce websites instantly
  • you never make mistakes in writing wrong address because you never address to begin with  and  11 more reasons to get your Maptag

welcome to the Future of Addressing !!!

we are giving 2   Maptags  for Free  just for this month.




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