Maptags- Frequently asked questions

What is Maptags?

Maptags is the World’s easiest address sharing platform. Instead of wasting hours writing lengthy and boring address, Maptags provides an easy alternative.

Simply tap on a location, Pick a cool word (which is called as Maptag going forward), fill the address, Add images that will guide your friends and SAVE it.

You are now ready to share your address, guide your friends to it and make sure they never lose their way.

Your will never lose mail or purchases by filling wrong addresses again because you will never fill an address ever again (hopefully).

How can Maptags help?

Maptags can help wherever there is a need for ‘Address’, with just a touch of button

  • Imagine guiding a friend to your place
  • Event management, weddings, parties ( where people usually lose their way)
  • Hotels, Food delivery
  • Courier and Mail delivery
  • Ecommerce websites
It’s literally useful everywhere people use an address, which is pretty much every where Here are 11 ways a Maptag can help you and 9 ways a Maptag can help your business

How is Maptags different from Google Maps ?

Maptags is quite different from Google Maps

  • Google Maps is useful for locating popular locations , hotels not for your average home / office etc
  • Maptags can convert any location into a simple handy url or tag which Maps cant do
  • With Google you still have to type the full address most of the time
  • Lets face it, Google Maps doesn't work well in India and other developing countries
  • Maps cant help out your delivery guy with pictures of your door if you wanted to
  • Ah , don't you still type your address out e-commerce sites or write on Couriers ?
Again Maptags is quite useful everywhere people use an address, which is pretty much every where

Where is Maptags office located?

Maptags office is in bangalore, our registered office is in UK

All about Maptags

How do I create a Maptag?

Creating a Maptag is super easy.

  • Sign in if you haven’t already
  • Simply click on the Map, Move the RED Pin to your desired location.
  • Now click on the Pin, choose your Maptag or the word.
  • Fill the address section.
  • Add images that will guide your friends through the way
  • And click the save button.
That’s it, you have create a Maptag.

What are different TYPES of Maptags?

Maptag is a simple word which could be a combination of letters and numbers.

However the TYPE depends on the length of the word

  • If the word you choose is less than 7 characters its ‘SPECIAL'
  • If the word you chose is greater than 6 but less than 13 characters its ‘PREMIUM’
  • The words greater than 12 characters are free forever (but they are little Boring and difficult to type )

How to extend Maptags?

For the special , Premium Maptags, there is a trail period of 1 month

After the initial trial period of 1 month , you can extend the expiry with the help of credits

  • Special Maptags, after the trial period of 1 month require 1 Credit per year ( costs $2 per credit)
  • Premium Maptags, after the trial period of 1 month require 1 Credit for 2 years

Why do you have three categories in Maptags ?

Great Question, we want Maptags to be able to cater to all types of tastes and demands

A Business user or a style conscious person, who typically want short , stylish tags and are prepared to spend a bit extra to get that

Where as an average user doesn't want to pay and for whom the Free option works great

How do we get Credits ?

Credits can be either be brought from Maptags , can be earned by referring others to Maptags and encouraging them to pick more Maptags

  • Each credit costs $2 ( 120 Rupees) to buy
  • By referring others ,You gain 1 credit for every referral that joins with your share link
  • you also gain 1/5th of your friend's referrals ( So for example if you refer 50 friends and they refer 50 each , you get 50+ 2500/5 = 550 credits )
  • Apart from this , you earn 1 credit for every 10 Maptags Picked by your referral (if your friend picks up 50 Maptags , you earn 5 credits) this turns out to be the easiest way to earn credits

I have 100s of Maptags , what should i look out for?

First of all Congratulations, you are Visionary , you are taking part in the golden Era of address shortening and you will be benefited tremendously

At Maptags , we want to keep the platform safe from Maptag hoarders,who simply pick Maptags and never do anything after that, so we have certain checks and balances
  • The first Maptag you pick is free for 1 year even whether its a Special or Premium tag
  • For 0-10 Maptags you pick, there are no Conditions
  • After 10 Maptags , you need to have 1 credit for every 5 Maptags you pick
  • Remember Credits are needed for both for extending Special/Premium Maptags as well as Selling/Transferring Maptags so you are not really losing any thing by having these credits in your wallet

What’s this Maptag Share Link about and how does it work?

Maptag has come up with an easy way of sharing address, instead of typing the website name and then searching for a Maptag in the search box, you can simply type the Share link and get the correct address.

For ex. Say ‘thefuture’ is your Maptag (its actually Mine ), now try typing in your browser you will see the associated address

Now the Fun part is, this Share link can also be used a referral link to earn you credits in case your friend’s sign-up after typing your share link in the browser

Where can I find my Credits and my Maptags?

Once you are signed in, you can find your Credits here

You can find more details if you click on the Credits

You can find your Maptags here

Here you can edit them, delete them, extend them (if you have credits) and share them directly from here

How do I get a referral from share link/referral link?

Say your share link is the same can be used for referral as well.

All you need to tell your friends is to open/type your share/referral link in their browser and then sign up using Google, Facebook or Manual Login

(You need to tell your friend to enable cookies if the cookies are disabled on his/her computer, we use cookies to track user activity, if your friend doesn’t understand cookies, just leave it, its fine)

Bingo and you get a credit for referral.
you can also get referrals by simply placing your tag in-front of the ex-plainer page '' or the Maptags opportunity page ''

Do your store passwords if I login through Google or Facebook?

NO, we don’t STORE your passwords, we just store the KEY provided by Google or Facebook for your login name, we talk to Google /FB using that.
Not that just , when you Sign up Manually we hash your password so even our IT team doesn't know what your password is

I am concerned about my Privacy, what are my options?

We are very concerned about your privacy, we take Privacy seriously.

Simply knowing a Maptag doesn't give out the information who the owner is.
So the information that some one can gain is effectively equal to what they can get from Google Maps

We don’t have an auto-complete feature on the search box just for this reason
So until someone types the exact phrase they won’t be able to get your address and other details.
On your Maptag, only share the details that your are comfortable sharing with a stranger, for ex don’t put out your phone number unless you are sure
Still not convinced ??
No Problem, here's a little challenge, try and find out the owner of any the Maptags by doing a random search

Affiliate Program

What is Maptags Affiliate Program and how does Money making work?

Maptags affiliate Program is all about enabling you to make money through Maptags platform

Now, Maptags is more like a domain address since Businesses and posh individuals want to have a cool identity for their Places, don’t you think?

So in a future where People switch to Maptags for addressing, there would be pretty high demand for Cool and short Maptags.

So as an Affiliate you can make money by understanding this projected demand.

Still not convinced ,tell me more please?

Do you know that some of the dot coms like , are sold for

millions of dollars (or Tens of Crore Rupees )

Just like these .coms some cool Maptags will be in very high demand.

If you can think of some cool words and reserve them,

you can sell them later and effectively hit a Jackpot.

You Say cool Maptags will be sold just like cool Domains, will people Buy cool Maptags?

Remember all the times that you helped your friend or the pizza guy or the courier guy to your address, it is very frustrating and it needs to be changed.

Maptags is that change.

People pay Thousands of rupees for website names and for cool registration numbers etc.,

It’s only fair to say people will buy cool Maptag that represents their Home or Place of business which they can show off to others on visiting cards or fliers etc.

Early adopters have their unique advantages like in any technology.
Here's a little Fun video for you

How does the selling work?

check our Buy-sell Page

  • On this page buyers will search for Maptags to buy and will express interest
  • For your tags to be visible here you need to make them Public
  • Your can also sell your tags on ebay , Sedo, Olx , etc and place those links in the comments section below
  • Once some one places an interest you get their contact details and you can start a negotiation with them
  • In the end you can simply transfer your Maptags to any one registered on Maptags
  • There is transfer charge of 1 credit per Maptag transfer

What if I create Fake emails or refer Myself to gain Credits?

Creating fake emails and referring your self is forbidden.
we take FRAUD very seriously. We have a very effective way of catching Fake emails and any other malicious activity by checking the ip address, time stamps , pattern matching etc. Users found engaging in such activity will immediately lose all their Credits.

Tips for Spreading the word

Maptags Sounds Interesting, Can you give some Tips to spread the word about it?

The First and most important tool is obviously Facebook

An average Facebook user has about 300 Friends, even if 50 of them are convinced about Maptags and they refer 50 each, you earn 550 Credits and that’s a lot.

Post on Facebook multiple times by picking our cool Ad pages

About Maptags And About Money Making
Putting your tag in the end gives you credit automatically when people sign up

Take time to talk to your friends individually and make them understand about Maptags and convince them to spread the word. It’s better to get 10 people who will spread the word about Maptags than have 50 friends who just signup.

Same logic applies for twitter,Whatsapp , they are very helpful too.

Try others like Googe+ , Pinterest, Viber , Skype, Line … you get the point.

Next go off-line, Talk to every one whom you think can benefit from Maptags either by using Maptags or benefiting financially.

Talk to a business like Pizza delivery, Grocery store, Food delivery, courier service, Event Managers, think thoroughly about your strategy. Take your time to explain them about Maptags and its advantage for them..

Remember once a business sign ups using your link, you get thousands more through them, so it’s worth trying hard

Maptags is a wonderful opportunity so make the best use of it.

I still have more questions?

We Love your questions, please contact us on [email protected]

API for Businesses

I am a website/ business that want to use your API, what are the options?

We have built a REST API that would give back address, lat,lon details in JSON once you pass a Maptag, Refer the document here